We are open for business!

Posted on Tue November 7, 2023.

It has been a long and trying 6 weeks since the storm that devastated many of the rivers, roads and mountains of the Western Cape. But thanks to the hard work and incredible skill of all the experts and workers involved, we are back in business.

It must have been a flash flood right on the catchment of he Bot River. The incredible strength of the flood waters opened up a 150 metre swath right to the sea. What was once a small slow moving river, turned over night into a very angry, furiously fast flowing, ugly brown river. Taking with it cars, sheep and huge trees. I could now see the river from my bedroom window, whereas before I could only see paddocks and trees.

It was a storm not seen for over 300 years. In the storm, we lost a small portion of our bridge, road to the bridge and our borehole. Fortunately, we warned our guests and asked them to leave so we were the only people left on the farm. We were lucky because we have an escape route through the back of the farm. It was accessibly with a 2x4, not an easy ride but at least we could get off the farm and buy supplies. 

We give thanks to God and to the previous owner who created a second borehole closer to the farm houses. He visited the farm a year or so before he passed and showed us where it was. It is this borehole that has saved the day. Thank you, George Jenkins, we know your spirit was with us all the way.

So, we have built back better. The road and bridge has been restored and hopefully won't flood and become impassable as it has done on numerous occasions in the past. The borehole is great and we have a beach and interesting landscape. The river has moved and is closer to our farm. It is great for a paddle and has calmed down. WE ARE OPEN FOR BOOKINGS once again.